Do you like the idea of being able to write but freeze up when faced with a blank page or screen?

Do you find it hard to come up with ideas to write about, whether it's business or personal writing?

Do you believe that you are unable to write at all?

My Write Freely Workshop will teach you the cathartic art of free writing: writing without conscious thought or judgement. Learn how to remove the barriers to creativity and get started on your writing journey.


   I'll give you two hours of relaxed, creative writing time plus writing prompts and

other simple exercises to get your ideas flowing. I'll also introduce you to a simple and effective

technique that will allow you to unleash your imagination and show you that everybody can learn to write.

I run bespoke workshops in the venue of your choice,

for three or more people. £35 per person.

To book a Write Freely workshop, please get in contact. Or, if you have a specific writing project in mind that you'd like help with, find out more about my Personal Writing Sessions here!


If you run a small business you have probably been told that you should be blogging.


               If you are now thinking 'How will that help my business?', 'I don't know what to blog about!' or 'Where do I start?!' then you need to attend my Business Blogging Workshop.

What you'll learn:

 During this two-and-a-half-hour workshop I'll explain why you should be blogging to enhance your business. I'll show you some ingenious ways to come up with relevant blogging topics as well as teaching you how to find your blogging voice, and what to include in your posts to make them engaging and effective.


You'll then use the last part of the workshop to begin working on the structure and

substance of your first blog post, under my guidance.

You'll leave with a sound basic knowledge of why, what and how you should be business

blogging and the draft of your first blog post ready to complete at home.

(And if anybody is thinking 'but I can't write!' then I'll also introduce you to an amazing

technique that will convince you that you can!)

I offer bespoke workshops in the venue of your choice,

for three or more people. £45 per person.

Please contact me to find out more.

'It's not often you have a chance to express yourself without it being structured,

formalised or restricted by a deadline.

Having the freedom to write whatever comes

to mind and having no rules except 'no rules' works well.'


'Really, really enjoyed this. I was looking

forward to it and it has exceeded

my expectations.


Thank you and see you next month.'

'I feel confident in taking forward

my writing and how to

overcome 'Writer's Block'.'

'It was really fun. I always found writing

and getting ideas down hard.

Free writing allows you to do that without judgement.'

'All made perfect sense, clear & good presentation gave me a good understanding and boosted my confidence.'

'It was great to just sit and

write and not feel I should be

doing something else.'

'Good to make a special

time for this.


I probably wouldn't get

round to it at home.'

'An extremely useful tool to get the brain engaged to work creatively and to get writing.'

'I felt like this has helped to develop my confidence for writing.  I loved that, in the space of two hours, I was able to write six pages.'

'I felt really comfortable and happy and I really got a lot out of it.

I found it very theraputic. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.'

'It was a chance to take time out;

for me to do something different

that has an impact and

benefit in my life.'


Workshop Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your place on a workshop up to seven days before the day on which the workshop is due to take place I will either refund your payment in full or transfer your booking to another available date, depending on which you

would you prefer.

I am unable to refund any bookings cancelled less than seven days before the day on which the workshop is due to take place.

If I need to cancel a workshop, for any reason and at any time before it is due to take place, then I will refund your payment in full.


If you'd like me to tell your story through blog posts, website text,

online articles or marketing materials please get in contact.

I'm always happy to discuss other kinds of writing project, too.

Email me on

Call me on 07795466377

Based in Ashtead, Surrey

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