4 Reasons Snow Makes Me Absurdly Happy

March 1, 2018

Impromptu blog post alert. I am supposed to be working but have spent most of the past hour looking out the window and grinning, so I thought I should at least get something out of my prevarication.


And the reason? It's snowing. That's all. Everything about my working from home life as a freelance writer in Surrey is exactly the same as it always is, except today there is a layer of beautiful white snow on top of it.


I know that lots of people dread the snow, for a variety of very valid reasons and, obviously, if you had big plans for today that involved travel or outdoor non-snow-related fun then you are probably feeling pretty peeved right now. I've had to cancel my plans too: I was meant to be going to RHS Wisley today, with my talented photographer and copywriter friend, Susannah Sheppard, which I was obviously looking forward to. But Wisley will still be there in the weeks and months to come: the snow won't.


Snow makes me absurdly happy, for many many reasons, but here are my top four:


1. It makes everything peaceful


Snow calms everything down for a short while: you can't rush in snow. It muffles noise, making your immediate surroundings quieter. Snow is a cosy blanket that can temporarily soothe a frazzled environment (ooh, that's deep. The concept, not the snow).


2. You can make your mark


I know I'm 42, not 5, but I still enjoy the challenge of an untouched area of snow. Will I do something edgy and artistic: a temporary statement that will soon be covered over and lost? Or will I just draw happy faces and say 'hi' on a random stranger's car? I think you know the answer...


3. Robins


Now, I love a robin at any time but there's something just so right about seeing a robin when it's snowing. I have one that regularly perches in my garden (I'm presuming it's just one but for all I know it could be a whole platoon of different ones on some kind of very organised rota) but I hadn't seen him for a while, so it was lovely to spot him in thoughtful contemplation on the fence when I opened the kitchen blind this morning. 

(Look at him. Look how cute he is. Look how round he is.)


4. Getting wrapped up


I admit that I'm really looking forward to the return of some warmer weather when spring shows up but crisp, bright and snowy (as opposed to the usual cold, dull and rainy) weather is my absolute favourite.


I love getting wrapped up in woolly outerwear and heading off into the fresh air. Equally, of course, I love returning to a snuggly warm house and getting stuck into a hot chocolate while wearing big slippers (and other comfy clothes, obviously. Not just big slippers).



So there we have it. I will be spending the rest of the day attempting to work, while really gazing wistfully out across the snow and wishing I was tramping across Ashtead Common instead. I can still have hot chocolate, though, even if I haven't been out and earned it, right?


Talking of chocolate, I've just arranged a new venue for my popular Brilliant Business Blogging Workshops: upstairs at the lovely Hannam's sweet shop in Rectory Lane, Ashtead. It will be on Tuesday 17th April, from 10am to 12pm.


You can book your place here but hurry, as these sell out quickly!













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