The Wonders of Female Energy

December 7, 2017

I love an impromptu blog post!


I had no intention of writing today. In fact, I had no intention of doing much at all. You know sometimes you just wake up in a energy, no inspiration and no desire to get on with anything other than just hiding under the duvet? Well, that's been me this week.


Since Monday the days have been passing by with precious little to show for them except an increasing 'to do' list. I just couldn't work out why: I've been sleeping well, eating well, catching up with friends and have had lots of interesting work coming in...but I've found it really hard to get going on any of it.


I thought at first that maybe it's this wet, cold, gloomy weather that's causing my temporary downswing. I love the rain (and often have Rainy Mood playing in the background as I work!) but these damp, grey days, where it seems to stay dark from morning til evening, make it hard to stay energised.



It's come as a bit of a shock as I've been so motivated for the last few months: realising just exactly what my 'big picture' business goal is and taking the first steps in its direction have been really exciting and I could quite happily sit up all night planning new ventures if it wasn't for the fact that Small Boy needs a mum who can function at 7am...but this current feeling? Bleurgh.


I go to a monthly networking meeting - something which I usually love and look forward to - but today, even the thought of that couldn't shake me out of the work doldrums. However, as my friend, the amazing chocolatier Natasha Sutton, was doing a special pitch for her business Aubel Chocolate (seriously: AMAZING!) I wanted to be there to support her. And I'm so glad I did.


And NOT just because I got to eat chocolate & mince pies...


I've written before about how brilliantly women can work together but today emphasised it again for me.


The room was crammed full of interesting, intelligent and thoughtful women, whose passion and enthusiasm - not only for their own businesses but for each other's as well - quickly ignited my spark and got me raring to go again. On my drive home my brain was buzzing with new ideas and I emailed several people as soon as I got in to ensure I continued to keep this energy revival going.


I want to say a big thank you to everybody there today - you reminded me how lovely it is to have a support network of empathetic and helpful women and helped me re-stimulate my own energy stores from your collective positivity. Seeing the business done within the group and the recommendations that get passed along to the wider community is such a positive thing and I feel so much better for being there.


So, to all you networking women: you're fabulous and it's because of you that I've got my business mojo back!








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