A Freelance-Free Summer!

September 6, 2017

Ok, ok, it's been a while, hasn't it?  Since I last posted, summer has popped its

head round the door, waved briefly at us and then headed off again. I'm sure we'd all

have liked a bit more sun during the holidays but I'm always excited to

welcome in Autumn and its beautiful colours...


I'd like to pretend that my lack of blogging over the summer was me attempting to prove the point that I made in my earlier post, 'The Brilliant Benefits of Beautiful Business Blogging': that Google loves you more if you are regularly adding new content...and the moment you stop you slide back down the rankings.


As I have done (gracefully , of course) since July.


But the honest truth is that the holidays seem to have whizzed past so fast that I lost track of time. One minute it was the third week of July and I was preparing for my son to finish the school year. Then I blinked and discovered that it is now September 6th and I've just waved him happily off to start Year 2.


I feel slightly guilty about my blog neglect (I say only slightly because my son isn't going to be little for long and I value all the fab time we've had together these past few weeks) but I've haven't been entirely idle. I've spent a lot of time thinking about my overall business goals and planning what I was going to get started on when I could reclaim the peace and quiet of a child-free house.


I even got some leaflets printed for my new writing workshops!


It's an opportunity for people who are convinced they can't write to learn that they can. I'll be using simple writing exercises and prompts to show you that everybody can put words to paper (or screen) if they want to. And it's going to be held at the fabulous All Things Nice cafe in Ewell so you'll have the chance to learn to write AND eat their amazing homemade cake if you want to. Heck, you could even use their cake as your motivation to write stories ABOUT cake, if you feel like it.


(It's a lovely, relaxing and interesting space and there'll never be any pressure on you to read anything you've written out loud to the group. Unless you want to, however, in which case we'll be happy to listen!)


If you're interested in taking part in any of my writing workshops (every second Wednesday of the month, starting on 11 October) then please have a look at the link above and get in contact with me to book your space - the first one is already filling up fast! 


Right, I'm back at my desk, I've had coffee and I'm raring to go. Back to regular blogging and, hopefully, if Google will forgive me, that climb back up to the top of the rankings!


See you next time!









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