The Freelancer's Guide to Getting Out of the House - Part 8!

June 28, 2017

I had no intention of writing another Freelancer's Guide blog this morning. In fact, I'd already started drafting another one based around some of my favourite books (see my earlier writing tips post about the importance of reading!)  - but I found myself near Bookham and decided to follow up a suggestion I'd received about somewhere else I should try.


And that suggestion was Carolina's Coffee Shop, on Church Road.




I foolishly decided to only have a very light breakfast earlier and ended up sitting in the corner of the café watching a steady stream of beautifully presented (and fabulous smelling) food make its way to the tables around me. Pancakes with maple syrup, a full English and, in the closest proximity, a cream tea were all taunting my stomach with how good they looked. I'd had one particularly well made cappuccino already and then had to fight the urge to order something to eat alongside my next one.


(I also noticed that, without exaggeration, I was the only person, in what quickly became a very full café,  who hadn't ordered food. Clearly I was missing out.)



Carolina's is a very warm and welcoming place with a buzzy atmosphere. The staff, despite the place being packed, are friendly and attentive and the corner table that I made my own is perfectly placed to work unobtrusively.


The decor is vintage farmhouse-y - although I am particularly coverting the funky light bulbs:


A quick look at the reviews for Carolina's on TripAdvisor tells you that the only gripe any of its previous customers have had is not being able to get a seat when it's busy - which isn't really a complaint at all, simply a nod to how popular it is. There are rave reviews about the food too and 100% of the current 43 reviews rate it as 'excellent' or 'very good'.


This will definitely be the first of many visits for this freelancer. Let me know if you love Carolina's too and, if you have any more ideas for where I could review next, get in touch!





P.S. And of course I ended up ordering food: scrambled eggs and bacon on toast. It was DELICIOUS.







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