Children's Writing Sessions


Do you have a reluctant writer?

If your child shies away from writing, says they 'don't like English' and never picks up a pen for fun, they might benefit from my one-to-one writing sessions.

Many children don't enjoy writing because it's made to be so difficult for them at school. Forcing kids to concentrate on spelling, capital letters, punctuation, grammar, making sure their story has a beginning, middle and an end...yawn. No wonder they can't find their creativity while they write. 

But that's not how writers work. Write first, edit later!


In my sessions, I focus on big ideas, silly words and writing whatever the child wants to, without worrying about whether it makes immediate sense or if they've put full stops in the right place!

If you'd like your primary-aged child to find the fun in their writing,

get in contact today to find out how I can help.


If you'd like me to tell your story through blog posts, website text,

online articles or marketing materials please get in contact.

I'm always happy to discuss other kinds of writing project, too.

Email me on

Call me on 07795466377

Based in Ashtead, Surrey

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