Let's be honest, shall we? While I firmly believe that a blog and an 'About Me' page are good ways for small business websites to connect with their clients, I don't for one minute believe that you have arrived here desperate to know how many children or cats I have.

You're not interested in where I went on holiday, what my favourite film is or whether I like celery or not.*

All you want to know is that, firstly, I'm a real human being (which I am) and that

I can tell your story for you (which I can).

And you can see whether people like what I've written for them HERE.

The only other thing you need to know is how much I value the writing process. It's a creative, liberating and cathartic skill and I truly believe that anybody can learn to write if they want to. That's why I occasionally run writing workshops, to teach the art of free writing, which you can learn more about HERE.

And, if after all of the above, you really do want to know more about me then my Twitter page might be useful...


*One, two, Copenhagen, Kind Hearts and Coronets and no, obviously, it's horrible. 


If you'd like me to tell your story through blog posts, website text,

online articles or marketing materials please get in contact.

I'm always happy to discuss other kinds of writing project, too.

Email me on rosalindbrookman@hotmail.co.uk

Call me on 07795466377

Based in Ashtead, Surrey

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